A Closer Look at BOB with Transmedia Activism

A few of our team members have been passionate about creating a transmedia experience, specifically to address the access-to-books gap in the United States. To be "transmedia" means to span across different platforms -- to create as many points of entry for engagement as possible through digital media. 

BOB has set out to create a transmedia experience through a new promo video and an interactive essay, both of which are linked through every single one of our platforms. We invite you, the BOB community, to interact with with as many of our new media as you can. Read the essay, watch the video, and share, share, share!

Going Digital

After running countless book drives across the county, BOB has decided to transition into a cloud-based app that directly connects people who have access to books to their nearest local organization, school, and/or library. Our app is currently in development and our organization is the process of recruiting organizations to partner with.