Reading Partners at PS54 and Chipotle Fundraiser

Hello all, 

Here's what we've been up to recently.

On Friday 20th April, Jessica and Jen had the opportunity to visit Reading Partners at PS54 in Brooklyn! Reading Partners is a scheme where kids and tutors get together to read to one another. Jessica read ‘Verdi,’ a book about a yellow snake, to a second-grader. He then read ‘Shelly’s Shell’ to Jessica—and they practiced making a “sh” sound.

Jessica said: “Reading is one of my passions, and I feel so honored to have gotten to share that with Reading Partners, and their bright, young students!” 

You can find out more about Reading Partners here:

We love being able to get involved with our community like this - it reminds us why we do what we're doing!  


We also had a great week last week and would like to share some great news. Our Chipotle Fundraiser was on Monday 30th April, on 8th street. We’d like to thank everyone for showing up in support—the event was a great success, and we’re so happy that so many people turned out. 

Bring on the Books Team