App Re-launch + Meet the New Interns


Say hello to some new faces!

We're super excited to introduce our new interns to all of you!

Hi everyone! 

We’re excited to announce a new group of interns joining us this semester. 

Jen, a Psychology and French student, and bubble-tea fan Gabe, are our two Social Media interns. Our Community Outreach interns are Jessica, who loves bad TV, and Caroline, who double majors in Applied Psychology and Global Public Health. Cat enthusiast Maxine is our Special Events and Partner Relations intern. And Tilly is our Communications intern—she’s also a tap dancer. They're all avid readers who feel books have made a big difference to their lives. That’s why they want to spread their love of books.

Jen, Gabe, Jessica, Caroline, Maxine and Tilly can’t wait to get started. Before spring break we had our first group meeting—we got to know each other, and started brainstorming for fundraising ideas and events. 

Our new and improved app is now available on the iOS Appstore here—so go and download it now! We're super excited for you all to get to see it! 

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