In 2007, Sohayle Sizar started The Bring on the Books Foundation as a local book drive at his high school, Council Rock High School South, with the help of his French teacher Madame Elizabeth Kohl. Social Studies teacher Dave Jacoby knew of Sohayle’s interest in reading and showed him that the old books at his high school were going to waste — laying unused in storage closets or getting thrown out. Sohayle began finding the books a home and with the incredible help of Madame Kohl, he was able to donate thousands of books to schools in urban Philadelphia.

Sohayle says what started as an instinct to help his beloved books became a passion for sharing literature with children. Why get rid of stories that have the ability to change the life of a child that has no access to these stories? Stories have the ability to connect us to others since it allows us to share passions, sadness, hardships, and joy.

Sohayle’s initiation of book drives continued when his younger sister, Hediya Sizar, current  Executive Director of the Foundation, entered high school. 

Together, brother and sister took their passion of storytelling and reading by spreading it to other high schools and college campuses. In 2012, Bring on the Books became an official non-profit and raised over 70,000 books at local high school and college campuses. Today, Hediya oversees the organization and has been working  on integrating their work with technology.